Portugal’s Golden Visa Program has led to many foreigners investing and retiring in Portugal. The benefits that come with a second passport from Portugal are many and if you are planning to do either I highly recommend you apply for the Golden Visa Program.

The best part about this is that the Golden Visa Program does not limit where you can invest or retire at. Because of this reason, many foreign individuals have chosen the many gorgeous small villages all around Portugal as their new home.

There is no shortage of Portuguese villages to choose from and spend your remaining years in. Some of the most popular villages are; Marvao, Monsanto, Obidos, Castelo de Vide, Azenhas do Mar, Algarve, etcetera.

Each of these villages and regions offers breathtaking architecture, a unique and diverse culture, affordable living, proximity to Lisbon and the Spanish Border, and many more things that every foreign investor and retiree is looking for.

To qualify for the Golden Visa Program in Europe you have to purchase approved real estate worth at least €350,000. You won’t struggle to find a house or property valued at that amount in any Portuguese village.

Because of the large number of high net worth individuals who are purchasing real estate in Portugal the market has started to grow rapidly. I highly recommend you hire a Buyer’s Agent to guide you through the whole process and take care of all the legal documents needed to buy a house in Portugal.

In my opinion, what attracts foreign individuals to invest or retire in Portugal is the fact that you can sell your house or property after you become a citizen. Because of how strong the real estate market is you can even make a decent profit.

retirement village

Investing in Portugal is quite easy and obstacle free these days as the government of Portugal is welcoming any investment made inside the country with open arms. The only thing you have to make sure before you invest in Portugal is that you have a clean criminal record and that all of your finances are in order.

Retiring in Portugal is even easier and does not require you to break your bank to do it. Even though there is a legal process and several documents that need to be approved to retire in the country, what needs to be done to retire in Portugal is fairly simple. All you have to do is prove that you have the necessary finances to support yourself and your family. All of the villages that I mentioned in this article are extremely affordable, especially if you own the property that you are living in.

For example, one of the most popular regions in Portugal is the Algarve. You can have a decent living with your spouse in this region for an average of €1,500 a month. The number varies depending on the number of dependents you will be bringing with you.

Investing and retiring in Portugal is easier to do than in most places, but you will not regret it. Take a look at the many colonial villages that adorn the country and you will immediately fall in love with them.